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When experience counts, Call Bella! PASSIONATE-RESULTS DRIVEN

Belinda ‘Bella’ Haynes is a New Jersey native and currently
resides in Jacksonville Florida.

 A firm believer in
education, empowerment, and structure, Belinda’s educational background as well
as hands on experience is extensive.  She
received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Montclair State University,
located in New Jersey. Additionally, Belinda is an Alliance Mortgage Business
School graduate, as well as a Licensed Realtor & Notary Public for the State
of Florida. Moreover, she is a Certified Tax Professional, Loan Signing Agent,
and worked various roles within the mortgage industry with the prestigious Bank
of America and JP Morgan Chase Bank for a period totaling of 9 years. In
addition to that she worked as a Middle School Science teacher for
approximately 7 years.

is an entrepreneur, and also
works as a Licensed Insurance Agent and specializes in providing financial
services, credit repair, and consultation services, to name a few. Belinda’s
desire is to inspire hope in individuals who feel they do not have the
wherewithal to become homeowners.  What
makes Belinda stand out from the rest is the fact that she provides mobile services; she is willing to go the extra mile
to ensure clientele from all walks of life are able to benefit from her

Belinda Haynes’ mission
is to provide financial tools and education to all potential clients with a
spirit of excellence.  She is committed
to serving her clientele and seeks their input from the beginning until the completion
of the services rendered.  Belinda is the
Program Director at Vineyard Resource Center, a nonprofit dedicated to housing
women and children.

Belinda Haynes  is affiliated with the
following associations: White House Office of Faith Based Partnerships, National
Association of Realtors (NAR), Northeast Florida Association of Realtors
(NEFAR), Sadowski Coalition, Florida Housing Coalition, Florida Prosperity
Partnership (FPP), Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers (FALDP), American
Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), National Association of Certified Public
Bookkeepers (NACPB), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), American
Association of Notaries (AAN)

for more information about Belinda’s efforts please visit the following